Basic information on climate issues 

Since the beginning of project EUCO2 80/50, the partners attended several METREX conferences where general climate issues were treated in speeches and presentations. EUCO2 80/50 partners also gave presentations in EU and UN conferences. All those presentations are surely of interest for our visitors.

Declaration of the Hamburg City Climate Conference

This declaration from November 18, 2009 has been signed until now by more then 70 cities worldwide. It names 7 facts about cities, 7 commitments of the cities and formulates 7 demands towards COP15 and national government. Read the Declaration...

Climate Change/ Urban Change
Keynote address by Professor Sir David King, Director, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment (METREX London Conference October 2008)

The entire presentation with all the texts of the speech of Sir David King and a transcript of the discussion. See the presentation...

Urban climate change has taken place. What did we do?
By Roger Read, Secretary General of METREX (METREX London Conference October 2008)

An inspirational presentation based on a fictional retrospective from 2050 backwards. Which have been the steps to come to an 80 % greenhouse gases reduction? Roger Read bases his arguments on existing technical solutions. See the presentation...

The Climate Change Challenge
by Martin Claussen, University of Hamburg,  Max Planck Institute for Meteorology Klima Campus Hamburg (METREX Hamburg Conference on Climate Change, November 2007)

How did climate change? How predictable is climate?  Feedbacks in the climate system? How does regional climate change? See the presentation...

Facing Climate Chaos
by Stefan Schurig, World Future Council
(METREX Hamburg Conference on Climate Change, November 2007)

A comprehensive presentation of climate change dangers and energy politics with illustrative images. See the presentation...

Climate change and Major Security Challenges for Metropolitan Regions
by Colonel Roland Kaestner, Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr (METREX
Hamburg Conference on Climate Change, November 2007)

„The consequences of  climate change include a high risk of armed conflict in 46 countries with a total population of 2.7 billion people, and a high risk of political instability in a further 56 countries with a total population of 1.2 billion.“ See the presentation...